Nourish Your Soul ~ At Home Retreat

A story from the Soul…

Lately I’ve been thinking about connection. The kind of deep, intimate connection that involves sharing, spending time with someone and truly SEEING them for who they are. Of course, it’s been hard to experience this type of connection virtually, but it posed a question that I’ve been contemplating for a while. I wonder, is it possible to experience a true transference of energy through an online platform? I decided that there’s no way better then to find out, so I challenged myself to create a mini “At Home Virtual Retreat” called “NOURISH THE SOUL.” As a Soul-based Wellness business I’m super passionate about curating journeys that are unique, memorable and of course SOULFUL. So for all of you in need of some self care, some inspiration and most importantly connection, I encourage you to join my first online Soul Journey Retreat March 1-7, 2021!
Below you will find my online Retreat offering or click this link to my two “SOUL FLOW” retreats that I am offering in person in a private paradise. 

Ready to Dive in?

Experience a 7 day At Home Retreat to Nourish Your SOUL! This online mini “retreat” can be done from the comfort of your own home when you find the time. It’s designed to be impactful and affordable as many of us cannot currently travel and escape.

This retreat will focus on Self Care, and nourishing Soul Work. Through yoga flows, embodiment exercises and other modalities to strengthen your immune system and heart, I’ve created a powerful week especially for YOU.

Expect a daily routine that will help you settle your nerves and take back the reigns to become the master of your world. YOU are being invited into a new paradigm and I cannot wait to guide you.🤍

Next Retreat: March 1-7, 2021

Ready to commit?

Please send $49 ($7 a day for 7 days $49 days total!) to either the following: PayPal (Global) or Venmo (only available in the US) links, and include your full name in the notes section. Then request to join this group and your are all set!

As always, thank you for taking this journey with me!

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