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The following Offerings are intended for Groups and Private Events

SOL Breathwork

Conscious Energy Breathing: the most natural healing ability of all

Breathwork is a healing modality that uses conscious connected breathing which induces deep relaxation and an expanded state of consciousness.

When the body feels safe, the mind feels safe. The presence of the facilitator adds another level of safety. The altered state of consciousness allows for a more expanded perspective with added objectivity and neutrality. This combination allows the person to feel safe enough so that unresolved emotions and memories come to the surface. Breathing moves energy and transforms whatever sensations and feelings arise. By the end of the session, most people experience deep peace, wellbeing and clarity. Most Somatic Breathwork sessions are physical, emotional, and spiritual. We can relax out of any kind of intense emotion or physical sensation when we have this simple powerful skill of Conscious Breathing. ​

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony: Rescuing an Ancestral Mayan Tradition

Cacao was cultivated by Mayas more than 2,500 years ago and it was called “Ku-Ku”. Ku in Mayan Language means Sacred and Ku-Ku “above sacred”. This drink was consumed just by Emperor and Nobility and is called Kakaw in Mayan Language that means “Drink of the Gods”. It involves a communal gathering with a sacred circle, music and of course, ceremonial cacao.

Enjoying ceremonial cacao can help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts.


SOL Flow Yoga: Merges movement, breath and music, to allow for a deep connection to self, through a practice catered to your needs

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.


Ceremonia del Sol

Sol Embodiment: a freeform conscious movement journey to ecstasy 

In this space, we enter the agreement to speak through our bare feet, and only the language of our bodies and breath…through the music. 

Ecstasy is not the drug we commonly know ~ It is built into our souls… We just need to find those cracks: within the mind, within patterns, and those deadly automatic routines. So many of us are starving! Ready for a way out of the mundane and into the expanses of the full self; a level of freedom and awareness that floods everyday life with vital energy. Through breath work, movement and guided journeying, embodiment is about finding your place in the world…it is a becoming…a journey home.

Moon Circles

A moon circle is exactly what it sounds like: a group of people—typically women, but moon circles are all inclusive—gathering in the evening to harness the potent energy of the moon. 

In ancient communities, this circle was used to call in the divine feminine, and as a way of grounding, centering, and receiving higher wisdom. 

A moon circle is a safe space, where women can enjoy being in sacred sisterhood, feel supported and witnessed. Everything that happens in circle remains privately in the circle, which allows women to truly open up, share, and be authentic. If you’re new to moon circles, you can think of them like a yoga class or therapy group, but for your soul; infused with play, transformation, and magic. 

Soul Gazing

Soul Gazing: a soul connecting meditation to feel whole 

Soul gazing is the act of looking into someone’s eyes for an extended amount of time. Eye gazing is a deeply connecting and transformative Buddhist meditative practice. When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union. 

In a world with endless visual stimuli, we have unlearnt what it is like to really look into the eyes of the other. It’s a powerful, intimate practice that can help you journey into greater depths of self, and become closer to another person. After all, eyes considered to be the “windows to the soul” are the most expressive facial features.

Blessingway Ceremonies

Baby showers are often focused around pampering and celebrating the new baby. A Blessingway is centered around the mother, her miraculous ability to create life and her divine energy to nurture the little soul she is welcoming into the world. 

A Blessingway is one of the most divine experiences in the world. In this ceremony, sacred space is held for a mother-to-be by her dearest sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Beautiful words are shared, meditations are practiced and rituals are held so she feels loved, celebrated, respected and honored as she prepares to step into motherhood.


Blessingways have been offered for hundreds of years to support pregnant women as they transition from maiden to mother. Traditionally this practice roots back into Navajo tradition, though many other cultures around the world practiced similar ceremonies for pregnant women. A Blessingway specifically was a time to honor the Divine Feminine, fertility and the power of women.


Blessingway activities may include creation of a divine feminine altar, acknowledgment of the mother and what makes her glow, meditation, flower crown or beaded bracelet making, and a sacred adornment on the mother’s belly.


In place of gifts, guests are encouraged to bring a small token of love, health and strength for the birthing altar. This could be a crystal, feather, candle, poem, oracle card, song lyrics, goddess images, oil or herb! Each guest will share why she picked her token to offer to the mother. 


Blessingways are typically hosted at the mother-to-be’s home or one of her family member’s homes, however Tiffany Zoldan also offers Blessingways at various locations in the Riviera Maya between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, as well as virtual ceremonies.

$333 (in person)

Please inquire here

$222 (virtually)

– Price will adjust if guest count is more than 12
– Cost includes all ceremonial tools and flowers (in person only)
– Cost includes light snacks & refreshments (in person only)

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“I recently attended a Yoga Retreat planned by Tiffany Zoldan in Tulum.  Tiffany led our group through a week of unbelievable experiences, from daily yoga, local adventures, spirituality, sharing and bonding.  We all left with added strength and wisdom thanks to Tiffany’s guidance.  Don’t let me forget the fun and laughter mingled with love and togetherness, rounding out an unforgettable experience.

Patty T

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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