Jen Yeager

I write this review just one month after my Goddess Retreat experience with Tiffany in Tulum. I’ve known of her retreats for years, but never could find the time to take off work and go on a wellness journey with her. I finally made the decision to go this year and brought a friend along with me. I’ve known Tiff since I was 18 y/o and watching her evolution from then to now has made me so proud to call her my friend, an incredible guide and an inspiration. Yes, there was yoga every day during the week long retreat, but the work we put in during our women’s circle was the most rewarding, unexpected and impactful. Her retreats serve as a moment in time with yourself, with new faces, without judgement and total acceptance. She is so kind, compassionate and transparent. I’ll look back on my week spent with her and the 7 other women with so much love and gratitude.

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