Natalie Page

I had the opportunity to attend a Yoga Retreat with Tiffany and 200 hr intensive Teacher Training with Tiffany and Emily. I’m beyond Grateful for both Tiffany and Emily. They embody the spirit of yoga in their practice and teaching. Tiffany has helped me on a personal level when I attended the yoga retreat in 2017. I was in a very low place in my life. The energy and care she put into the little details at the retreat helped Catapult me into journey of self-care and self improvement. 2 years later I asked Tiffany if I could come to her teacher training to learn more about the practice and Philosophy of yoga with the prior knowledge that I was not going to become a yoga teacher. A few days into our training we had to be evacuated because of a Hurricane, I was amazed at how Tiffany and Emily did there best to continue to provide an opportunity to learn even when mother nature creates unfavorable circumstances. Learning about the yoga Sutras and watching Tiffany and Emily practice this mindset in the midst of chaos and conflict, showed me that they were true yogis in mind and spirit. I had some personal things going on at home that kept me from being able to keep up with the demand. I was grateful for Tiffany and Emily for working with me. I chose to continue and learn as much as I could while I was there. I found that they were very understanding and accommodating to my needs. I was able to see the distinct outcome from those who went with the flow understanding there are things that happened outside of our control and those who choose to blame and complain and try to control. Those who did their best despite unfavorable circumstances succeed with happiness, those who choose the latter fail and try to take down those around them. You get to choose what side to take. That experience was one to remember!! I’ll be forever grateful for their example in the midst of a true natural Disaster. Oh, by the way, the Students that completed that teacher training. Believe me, they are True Warrior Goddesses!! I feel blessed to have been able to witness their strengthen and endurance!

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