Manifesting with the New Moon

Regardless of whether you call it manifesting, setting intentions, praying, dreaming etc. We are all essentially capable of calling in our greatest desires. Through my own manifestation process (by most of which has been explored through trial and error) I have come to appreciate one very important factor that has amplified my abilities in actualizing my dreams; the moon! For the last 7 years I have truly attuned to the cycles of the moon, and I purposely engage with its powerful energy each month to manifest.

Energetically speaking, this weekend is pretty potent. We will be experiencing a new moon in taurus, plus a partial solar eclipse! Whatever comes up with this new moon, it’s highly likely the effects could be felt for up to six months after the eclipse. If you haven’t tried manifesting with a new moon yet, this weekend would be a great time to start!

When the moon is dark, we are able to tap into a little window of time when the universe is most receptive to initiation. Generally speaking, during a dark moon we plant the seeds to initiate our intention setting. You can do this by:

  • Finding a quiet space.
  • Turning the lights down low.
  • Closing your eyes.
  • Taking a few deep breaths.
  • Sitting in stillness with your imagination running wild.
  • Centering yourself to now focus on exactly what it is that you want.
  • Visualizing your greatest desires until they become super specific and clear (I always write mine down to maximize the results.)
  • Once you have your list, energetically give it away unto God or the Universe, and fully surrender your trust. (If you wrote down a list, you can burn it to emphasize the process of letting go.)
  • Last but not least, live in the moment, as if you already have the dreams you are manifesting.

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