Ancestral Healing

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Nova Scotia, Canada to visit my grandmother for the first time in five years. Between her move to The Maritimes, and my move to Mexico, plus the Pandemic in between, it had been way too long since I held her hands.

This trip was even more special because it was a girls trip my sister and I made together…with her new baby girl. It’s hard to describe the emotions I felt seeing my niece in the arms of my grandmother (Nana), but I found myself in awe of our four generations of life. I took a mental imprint of how their hands intertwined ~ an elder and a baby. My Nana’s weathered with age and experience…shaped by the five children she raised, the nine grandchildren she nurtured, and now the eight great grandchildren she has held.

Being in her presence inspired me in many ways, and one of them is to take more time to heal ancestrally. 

Trauma can be passed down 7 generations!

You are a unique individual. Everything about you is completely one-of-a-kind from your fingerprints to the way your DNA expresses itself to your gifts and personality. However, as unique as you are, you are also the product of a long line of people that have come before you and everything that they experienced also lives in your cellular memory. We inherit our parents and grandparent’s stress responses and unhealed emotional wounds and unfulfilled dreams.

If you are curious about Ancestral Healing, join our online Dream Weaving Women’s Circle to learn more.

On the 7th of each month, at 7 PM EST, we will gather on Zoom where I will be guiding energetic activations, intention setting, and soul work, as we share wisdom and explore sacred topics.

Subscribe to get access to the Dream Weaving Women’s group for our Monthly Live Gatherings and Newsletter.

Each gathering will be recorded if you are unavailable, and will be followed up with a Newsletter.

See you soon dear siSTAR!

Would you like to work on your Ancestral Healing in a deeper way? Please set up your complimentary discovery call to explore how.

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