Finding Balance by way of the Archetypes

Last year I leaped into the ARCHETYPE rabbit hole, and took a deep dive into self discovery. 

I reconnected to my long lost ‘MAIDEN’

I bowed down the ‘MOTHER’ within me

I embodied my ‘WILD WOMAN’ unapologetically

and I explored the depth of my ‘WISE WOMAN’

In a way fell in love with myself again, and that has been the greatest gift of tuning into these feminine Archetypes.

Now, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows…these Archetypes have their shadow sides, and when doing the inner work of the ARCHETYPE’s we discover that these ‘negative traits’ we have, tend to reveal themselves when we are misaligned.

As always, everything in Life is a Balance.
So speaking of balance, next month on Sunday May 7th, at 7 pm EST, we will be exploring the Archetypes during our monthly Dream Weaving Women’s Gathering!!!

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We gather on Zoom where I guide energetic activations, intention setting, and soul work, as we share wisdom and explore sacred topics.

Thirsty for More?

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Lastly, here is a free YOGA Practice inspired by BALANCE!

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